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A variety podcast with an urban flare. We talk about current trending topics over a drink or two 😜. We also highlight small business owners, video bloggers, social media influencers, music artist, etc. weekly. Every week we’ll dive deep into the latest hot topics and talk hella mess. Mmkay 💋

About the Hosts

Broc JamesProfile Photo

Broc James



If you haven't heard of Broc James yet, it's okay because I'm set to break out into the digital scene to bring you fresh and innovative ideas, content, and conversation. Currently residing in Los Angeles, I am a Columbia College Chicago alum that loves everything entertainment-related especially in the realm of Comedy. I am a Second City graduate and has worked on various shows for Netflix, ABC, and LOGO and currently hosting my own podcast called 'Split Check that is gearing up for a new season. You can find me on Instagram and Tik Tok at @whobrocjames.

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Cubana Kiss

CEO of Cubana Kiss LLC/ Content Creator

Cubana Kiss graduated with a Bachelors in Radio Broadcasting from Columbia College Chicago. Cubana has been involved within the broadcast community for over 10 years. Her passion for radio started when she was 18 years old and has grown substantially over the years.

She began the Whew Chile Chronicles podcast after being apart of other great podcast and wanted to focus on the small owned businesses within the POC communities and hot topics that need to be discussed within those communities. Cubana has since elevated that passion for those businesses with this podcast; while also using this podcast as an opportunity to speak freely on different topics commonly spoken about within the POC community.

Cubana Kiss enjoys the feel of community and the joy you can bring to the people by simply highlighting their accomplishments. With segments such as the Business of the Week and Hot topics, she prides herself on being able to shut down stereotypes of the POC's and show the world that good businesses are not hard to find.